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Dependable Distributors

Dependable Distributors have been supplying a wide range of hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical products to its loyal customers since 1971.


Based in Adelaide, this proudly South Australian, family owned and operated business has built a reputation for excellent service, quality of product, price and knowledge. We place particular emphasis on our technical ability and expertise to resolve customer problems in order to meet your requirements.

Contact Us To Enquire About Our Products Today

Phone: (08) 8340 1222


Contact Us To Enquire About Our Products Today

Phone: (08) 8340 1222

Product of the Month

Each Month we promote a product that is both excellent in design and construction, as well as value for money. This Month its the T33 Gearbox. This range is made from Cast Iron – not the aluminium style commonly found and boasts a massive operating load of 50 Horse-Power.

These models embody over 20 years of engineering experience with PTO pump drives. They were developed for use as directly driven hydraulic pump speed increasers for 540 or 1000 RPM tractor PTO shafts. Models for 540 RPM PTO’s are provided with a 1 3/8” 6T spline hollow shaft and for 1000 RPM PTO’s, a 1 3/8” 21T spline hollow shaft. Shafts are splined internally for full length for through drive. Normal practice is to utilise a torque arm to restrain the drive from rotation.

Maximum power is 50 HP (37.5 kW) with the 1:3.31 ratio models at 540 RPM input and 65 HP (49 kW) in the 2.04 ratio models at 1000 RPM input. The T33 is available to accept most SAE “A”, SAE “B” or SAE “C” hydraulic pumps. Pump adaptors on the T33 may be changed in the field.


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Phone: (08) 8340 1222